Kindness Rocks

In July 2017 the Sabina Public Library decided to participate in the Kindness Rock Movement as part of our summer reading program "Build a Better World". Our group goal is to unexpectedly brighten someone's day and pass along some kindness one rock at a time.

The original Kindness Rock Project was founded in 2015 by Megan Murphy, 49, of Cape Cod, Mass., who said she was at a turning point in her life and was walking along the beach in Cape Cod when she found a heart-shaped stone. This find along with a trip to India in which many small acts of kindness were witnessed, inspired Megan to begin writing encouraging messages on rocks that she would then drop at the beach for others to find. You can visit her site at

Our kindness rocks are painted with a positive message or image and then hidden around the local area including inside the library on occasion. They are placed in plain sight so that they can be spotted easily.

message on rock

This is the message you will see on the bottom of the rocks being painted by library staff or patrons.

When you find a rock, we would like for you to post a picture of yourself with the rock to our Facebook group, Sabina Library Rocks, and let us know where the rock was found so we can all enjoy seeing who found the rock and where it traveled. Then you should either rehide the rock (in plain sight) for someone else to find or create your own rocks to hide.

We want this community activity to be a blessing to others. Remember to hide the rock in a safe place where others won't trip over it. Avoid hiding the rocks in the grass where a mower blade could hit it. Hide it in a public area to add some cheer to someone's day. Don't travel on private property or hide the rock inside a business without permission from the owner.

Please join the Sabina Library in this fun community activity. Watch for scheduled rock painting sessions at the library. Events will be announced in the calendar area of our website or at the Facebook group "Sabina Library Rocks."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this activity only for children?
A: No. The library would like to see all ages participate.

Q: Do you have to post a clue telling others where you have hidden your rock?
A: No. This is something you will often see others in the group do as a way of helping those who are searching for rocks find one, but it is not a requirement.

Q: Do the rocks have to be hidden in Sabina?
A: No. The majority of our rocks will be hidden in Sabina, but some may find their ways to other local communities. During the fourth week of our project we had one rock travel from Sabina to Mason, OH and then end up in West Virginia.

Q: How can I paint a rock?
A: The library will have some days scheduled in which rocks are given to patrons so they can join with us in painting them. Events will be posted on our website calendar or in our Facebook group, "Sabina Library Rocks". If you want to get your own rocks, talk to farmers who may be clearing out fields. You can also purchase rocks at many craft stores and home improvement stores that sell landscaping materials. If you don't have a label from the library, you can use a marker or paint pen to write the name of our Facebook group on the bottom of the rock.

Q: Are there other rock groups?
A: YES! Many cities and towns now have their own rock groups. A search on Facebook will bring up many of these groups. Some are more active than others. Our library group started in July 2017, but several groups have been participating in the Kindness Rocks movement for years.

Q: Is this activity meant to be a game or contest?
A: No. The goal of our group is not to see who can find the most rocks or even who can find them the fastest. The goal is to spread some cheer or kindness to others. When people find a rock for the first time or see something they aren't expecting, we want them to smile. We want this to be a fun, positive experience for all participants.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Facebook group, "Sabina Library Rocks"?
A: You must be a member to be able to add photos or new messages to this group. Right now the FB group is public which means that anyone can see the photos and read the messages. Once we have several group members participating, the group status might be changed to a closed group which would only allow members to see photos and posts.

Q: What if I find a rock in which the label has been damaged?
A: Please bring these rocks to the Sabina Library so that we can repair or replace the label.

Q: If I'm painting a rock at home do I have to use a label from the library?
A: No, you can create your own label or simply write the necessary information on the rock using a marker or paint pen. Be sure to include the name of the Facebook group "Sabina Library Rocks" so that people will know where to go to post information.